Giving you a fighting chance!

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It's not just a man thing!

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Giving you a fighting chance!

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Why Total Krav Maga?

We have been running Professional Krav Maga classes in London and Thames valley for over 12 years, all of our instructors have taken the full Krav Maga Global Instructor Course under Eyal Yanilov of 180 hours over 23 days. We are fully insured and offer comprehensive licencing and insurance packages to all members.

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Our Locations

We have multiple classes across Thames Valley and London.
You can cross train at all locations without restriction for your fixed monthly fee.

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It's not just a Man Thing!

We have an increasing number of women joining us at our Krav Maga classes.
It’s a great workout so apart from getting fitter, the classes will improve your
confidence and awareness too!


Sunday 18th September

Upcoming Total Krav Maga Events for Winter 2016

For more info and to book any of these events click the red 'Book Now' text at the top of the page.

1. Christmas & New Year Break from 21th December 2016 until 9th…

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Total Krav Maga are an official Krav Maga Global (KMG) School. We are the leading provider of Krav Maga self-defence classes, workshops, private tuition & personal safety courses across Thames Valley and West London.

TotalKravMaga proudly supports Great Ormong Street Hospital Charity

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Every Expert was once a Practitioner who started training, just like you!